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Civil Law
Civil liability claims and defence, (in particular foreign claims and defence of insurance companies, medical liability), and traffic accidents. Insurance and reinsurance issue and contracts. Obligations and Agreements, Family Law (Separation and Divorce), Rights Concerning Inheritance (Succession inheritance).

Commercial Law
Legal Advisors informing you about the best solution for your company before to be created, helping in the foundation activity and during its development in legal Tax assessment, labour tax and Social Security and stop of activities.

Administrative Law
Decisions issued by the Public Administration which affects private individual rights or Company rights. Request of administrative concessions and administrative permits or licenses and subsidies. Legal advice from requirements to bring all administrative claims successfully. Legal defence from the Administration in the Contentious Administrative Courts.

Tax Law
Fiscal and tributary advising for the knowledge and fulfilment of the Spanish fiscal norm: Income taxes, Tax of Societies and Value Added Taxes. Settlement of taxes. and updating of fiscal situations.

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