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International Claims

International Claims

The technical difficulty that also implies the solution of traffic accidents in which a foreign vehicle takes part is in multiple occasions a problem for the victims, but insurers foreigner.

Often the insurers do not receive information sufficient to avoid delays in the management or they do not know the particularities of the law of the country of the accident, having to assume the claims without knowing because the solutions.


IURA & PRÁXIS is leader in the management and the settlement of this kind of subjects being able to serve as important ally in the understanding, mediation and arbitration of the cases that the organizations entrust to the different claims correspondents and representatives.

We advised a:

Spanish insurer companies by its claims happened outside Spain in order to advise on the management and solution to them its accidents in other legal systems.

Insurer companies and Foreign National Offices and their correspondents by accidents happened in Spain to offer information and solutions to claims complex.

We informed on the most effective routes into claim eliminating the difficulties into understanding between insured and victims.

We assumed representations of foreign organizations for the claims under the 4th Directive.


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